Wednesday, December 10, 2014

abstract and bibliography

In today’s society, it is apparent that without a Bachelors degree, finding any job that allows one to be self-sufficient is growing slimmer. Thus the government acts as a middleman between most lower class citizens and for-profit colleges by offering up millions in aid dollars for them to pursue a degree. The reality is that the government aid is dropping people into enormous debt, which actually benefits for-profit colleges because nearly all of their revenue comes from government loans. This paper is motivated by the close relation that government and for-profits have in providing a new wave of enslavement, college debt. It clarifies the business model of for-profits and investigates the efforts done by legislators to undue any regulation on these colleges. There is a recurring sense that the government is working with for-profits to exploit the lower class to rid them of the political and economical power. 

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